The HVAC has been too noisy

It is essentially never ending

I absolutely must vent plus say that our old central heating plus a/c appliance is starting to get on my nerves. I easily need to invest in a brand new central Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance right away! Because this old central heating plus a/c appliance is noisy as ever. Every single time it is running it keeps me awake at night sporadically it is so obnoxious! This is because the motor is dying plus working overtime just to run the heating plus a/c appliance in our home… The main concern is, that I easily can not afford to get a new central heating plus a/c machine at this moment in time. However, I am actually considering either running up our credit cards or simply going to our bank to look into requesting a loan so I can get a brand new central heating plus a/c because this noisy Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment is easily bugging me plus depriving me of sleep lately. It is essentially never ending. I almost want to go outside plus take a sledgehammer to the darn central heating plus a/c equipment itself! But if I did that, I would have no heating or cooling in the slightest. With the extreme weather we deal with in the cold seasons plus summers here where I am situated, you need some kind of heating plus a/c appliance in order to even be able to survive. I guess first thing next week I am going to look into acquiring some funding!



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