The dog ran off with my toolbelt

A funny thing happened yesterday at work, and I rarely have fun at work.

Most of my day is usually quite boring, but I don’t mind that part of the job. I was working on a rooftop AC repair for an apartment building, and the parking lot backs up to another parking lot at the dog shelter. I was parked in a space close to the adjacent parking lot while I was working on the rooftop AC repair. I went outside to the truck for lunch and I set my tool belt on the back of the truck. I grabbed my sandwich, chips, and beverage from the cooler and walked back to the rear of the truck. A dog came out of nowhere and ran off with my tool belt. A woman in the parking lot of the dog shelter came running after the dog. She was trying to drop the dog off at the shelter and he obviously didn’t want to stay. The dog ran for an entire block with my AC repair tool belt in his mouth. Then he dropped the bag and continued running. I doubt the owner of the dog ever caught up with the quick pooch, and I’m sure he will have a much nicer life living on the street than he would have in the shelter. Watching that lady run after the dog as he galloped away in triumph was the best part of my day. I wish I could have recorded it on video. I bet it would get a million likes on instagram if I posted the funny scene.

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