The air filters work better than they are changed frequently

The air filters in an HVAC unit only work well if they are replaced frequently.

Most people agree that the air filters should be cleaned or replaced monthly.

The experts believe that at the very least, the air filters should be cleaned or swapped every over month. Waiting longer than that means risking severe damage to the heating and cooling machine. For folks that have a disposable air filter, it should be removed and replaced. 4 home owners that have a washable air filter, every month, the filter should be cleaned with a bleach water solution. When the air filter is clean, it can function properly and remove dust, debris, indoor contaminants and pollutants. All of these problems can cause allergy symptoms and asthma attacks. My family and I have to change the air filters in our HVAC machine monthly. My son has asthma and we also have a dog in the house. Although the dog is hypoallergenic, the hair from the dog still ends up in the air filter. We use a special indoor air filter that is made with HEPA technology. HEPA air filter technology is used in many hospitals, Laboratories, and doctor offices. It is also used in the dentist office. HEPA air filters remove the most air particles that are damaging to our health. They work extremely well, but they are a few dollars more than the basic air filter. My son hasn’t suffered from many attacks since we started using the new air filters and that makes me happy as a mom and a consumer of the product.


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