Luke was one of my students and now he has his own business

I was a public school math teacher until I retired a couple of years ago.

I spent 30 years of my life teaching students about geometry, calculus, and arithmetic.

I absolutely loved working as a teacher and I only retired because it became too difficult to carry a full schedule each week. I enjoy my time as a retiree. I spend a lot of time outside in the garden. I have roses, lilies, pansies, and several different citrus trees. There is a lemon, grapefruit, orange, and even a small citrus tree with key limes. I was working outside in the garden last week and came back inside that house to a very warm and uncomfortable atmosphere. I knew there was a problem with the air conditioner and I called the repair service. I keep a magnet for the air conditioner and heat pump repair service on the refrigerator so I never forget who to call when there is an emergency. I called the air conditioner repair service and scheduled an appointment. I was happy that I didn’t have to wait very long and they sent someone to the house almost immediately. The service technician that showed up to help was one of my former students named Luke. I was very surprised to see Luke and he recognized me immediately. We shared a hug and a few minutes of talk. I found out that Luke was the owner of the heating and air conditioner service company. He took over that business after his father retired and during the same year as me.


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