It’s hard to run all day with no break at all

I hate working all day without a break.

  • It’s really hard to stand on my feet for 10 hours a day, and it’s even more difficult when I don’t get a break for lunch.

Last Thursday, work was extremely busy and I responded to 3 AC service requests from our commercial customers. There were another dozen requests on the board waiting for a technician to respond. When I was finished with the first repair, I told my boss that I was going to need a half an hour for lunch. He insisted that there was no time and told me to grab a snack from the gas station. I went to the next commercial customer who was having an issue with the refrigeration unit inside the building. All of the ice cream in the freezers melted and a lot of food was perishing. I understood why my boss was insistent that the repair could not wait another 30 minutes. I spent the rest of the day at the grocery store and I didn’t finish with the repair until early in the evening. I was starving by that time. I told my boss that I wasn’t going to work any longer without a break. We respond to a dozen requests every week for service on the AC unit because it runs all day and all night and never gets a break. That is one of the main reasons why a machine often fails. The same thing is going to happen to my body if I don’t have time to sit down, relax, and eat a healthy and nutritious lunch.
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