I’m tired of arguing with the employees about the temperatures in the kitchen

I bought a restaurant with a settlement that I received in an accident.

I knew that my life had to change and I thought that buying a restaurant was the perfect start on a new future.

Unfortunately, things were a lot more difficult than I thought they would be. I didn’t know a lot about owning a restaurant and the work was far more difficult than I expected. I had to work 12 and 14 hour days and after six months, the business was in debt. I stopped taking a paycheck at work and I told the staff that we needed to cut back on a lot of things at work. I told them that we would no longer keep the kitchen thermostat set at 68 degrees. Until we were out of debt, I told them to keep the thermostat at 72 degrees. A few of the employees have complained about the indoor temperatures. I listened to them complain on Friday and on Saturday someone adjusted the thermostat to 66 degrees. The temperature difference is about a hundred dollars or more every week for the electric bill. It drains me when there isn’t enough money for food. When I realized that the thermostat had been adjusted. I threatened to fire the next employee that complained about the temperatures. I’m tired of arguing with the employees about the temperature. They don’t have to pay any of the bills and they still get a paycheck every week. If they aren’t happy with the indoor temperatures, then they can absolutely find someplace else to work and earn a paycheck.

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