I’m buying a new air conditioner with the tax refund

I was going to buy a brand new kayak when I got my tax refund.

This is the first year that I am getting a decent sum from the government.

Much of the reason is due to their pandemic, but I won’t complain at all. My tax refund was just enough money to cover the new kayak, seat, and a small cooler that fit in the middle. Unfortunately, the kayak is going to have to wait until the summer, because the tax refund is going to have to pay for a brand new air conditioner. The air conditioner was problematic last summer, and now there is an odd and foul odor coming from the machine. I could have the window air conditioner serviced, but it honestly doesn’t cost a lot of money to replace it. The window air conditioner was also about 10 years old and no longer energy efficient. When I realized that the air conditioner needed to be replaced, I knew that my tax refund was going to come at the perfect time. Sure enough, it arrived a couple of weeks before the beginning of the summer season. I used the money to buy a 16000 BTU HVAC machine with a dehumidifier function. The machine is much bigger than the old AC unit and also has the capability to provide heat during the winter months. Although there is not a huge need for heat during the winter, it didn’t cost a lot more money to add the function to the machine. It ended up being a nice bonus perk.

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