I prefer working out in a home gym

I like to be physically active.

  • However, I am a misanthrope.

I don’t like to be around other people. I prefer to be alone. Being in social settings, making small talk and interactions with strangers are not for me. I have a few close friends and my dog, but I like it best when I am left alone. I was not overly affected by the COVID lockdown, because this just gave me a good reason to become a complete hermit. Now I don’t want to go back to how it was before. I have no desire to return to shopping in brick and mortar stores or attending the gym. I can order all the supplies I need online. I can keep myself in shape with a home gym. I realize that a home gym doesn’t compare to the abundance of equipment and amenities provided by a fitness center. It’s possible to focus on a particular muscle group or type of training every day. The gym also offers a number of groped fitness programs that target the entire body. They offer personal trainers, indoor running tracks, punching bags, battle ropes, & all sorts of really advanced fitness equipment. My basic home gym includes none of those things. However, I feel more comfortable. I don’t need to interact with a bunch of strangers or worry about how I’m dressed. I don’t need to wait in line to use the equipment. I can workout at any time of the day or night without getting in my car and driving to the gym. It doesn’t matter if I struggle with a workout or am in a bad mood. There is no one around to judge me.

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