I don’t need a high tech stationary bike

I am very interested in the modern generation of stationary bikes that include a screen built in. The touchscreen provides options for music & display screens, & connects virtually to group classes. It’s a big investment. A top-of-the-line stationary bike can run two grand. That’s a lot for a bike that lets you pretend you’re outside. I think I’d rather buy a real bike and actually ride it outside. I know the bike with wifi connectivity allows access to a personal trainer to guide the workout, but I don’t really like that idea. A personal trainer should be able to interact with the person they are training. I have worked with multiple personal trainers over the years. The best ones have done a great job at keeping me focused on the task at hand. A personal trainer customizes the workout, makes corrections to avoid injury and increase benefits and pushes to the perfect limit. This is just not possible through a virtual setting as far as I am concerned. Whether I am at the gym or at home, my workout routine doesn’t require a face on a scream yelling out generic encouragement. I have a basic stationary bike that provides programs and allows me to adjust resistance.. Between my weight bench, free weights, yoga mat and a jump rope, I have all the equipment I need. I can manage a great workout without anyone’s assistance. I like simple exercises such as going for a run or doing push ups.I don’t need a bike that costs several thousand dollars. I like to ride my actual bike.

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