Great corner office view destroyed by loud AC sound

About several weeks ago, I became a partner in a prestigious law firm downtown.

As a partner in a law firm, I got an office on the top floor.

I have a fantastic corner office with a good view. I was excited about the office plus even a little surprised when I saw the size of the space. After a few mornings in the office, I can see why this office was vacant. I can hear the AC units running all day, then the AC units are on the roof of the building plus they are actually large. I’ve never been to the rooftop, although I can see the AC units from the street, every time the AC units begin running, my office windows begin to shake. There is no use complaining, because the two of us can’t turn off the machines. Last week, I had a call from one of my greatest clients. I could not hear anything because the AC device was running. I had to leave the office and walk down to the lower floor so I could hear the call. One of my colleagues gave me an unusual look when I entered the room, although I said nothing about the problem. A few days later, the same client called again. It was clear that I had to find a way to soften the noise in my office. There has to be a way to add soundproofing to the walls plus muffle the sound plus vibration, and surely other lawyers must be having the same problem. There are eight other offices on the top floor.

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