Figuring out that I like yoga

I need to surround myself with motivated people.

I don’t have a ton of motivation coming from within.

I used to workout every day and play various sports for the fun of it, but once the quarantine was put in place, I became very lazy. I stopped doing anything physical. It was easy to get into bad habits during the lockdown period. I gradually put on some extra weight. My energy levels were very low. I know that I need to be active in some way every day, because I can too easily get sluggish and unhealthy. Without other people at the gym keeping me motivated, I tend to sit around and watch a lot of movies. A friend of mine is a personal trainer. She suggested that I look for an online health coach to hold me accountable. I didn’t believe that would work, because I would get tired of having someone talk to me through a screen about personal fitness. She then recommended that I try yoga. She said I could do this virtually. I was reluctant at first. I didn’t think I’d stick with it. After trying out a thirty minute yoga video and attempting the various stretches, I found that I really liked it. Yoga doesn’t seem all that intense, but when I started attempting the more advanced movements, I realized that it works the whole body. Yoga is excellent for increasing range of motion, balance, strength and flexibility. It requires a great deal of concentration and can help to alleviate stress. I have gotten where I just love it. I do some form of yoga every day, and am working toward improvement.



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