Desperate to figure out a workout program

I would like to get about six to eight people together and work out together

Adapting to living in a more remote area was a challenge for me. I was offered a promotion that required a major life change. However, the amount of money I was offered was just too much to pass up. So I accepted the raise and the new job. I moved across the country, to a small town located at the foot of a mountain range. I am being generous in calling this location an actual town. There is a gas station, small convenience store, & a few older houses. The population is said to be around 300 people, but I doubt there are that many people still here. There is no gym or any kind of facility that provides exercise equipment or workout classes. With my current raise in pay, I can afford to start putting together a home gym. However, buying my own equipment and working out at home isn’t the same as a gym setting. I liked the socialization of taking workout classes such as pilates, yoga, & HIIT. In my new location, the best I can do is to set up an appointment with an online personal trainer & have sessions over Zoom or Facetime. I don’t really like this idea. I prefer the face to face, one on one interaction from an actual, on-site session. I am still looking into possibilities. I have considered starting a fitness class at my house. I would like to get about six to eight people together and work out together. We could go for runs and bike rides or lift weights. We could do workout videos or anything that motivates us. I think having a group setting would be fun and motivational and help me to make friends in my new area.



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