Best dad in the world comes to my rescue again

My dad is a good guy, and he was constantly there for me & my siblings when growing up.

He went to our soccer games plus our dance recitals plus he helped us with our homework! Even when all of us were older, he still taught us crucial lessons about life.

He showed me how to change the tire on our car plus he taught our sibling how to drive. Just last weekend, our dad came to the rescue again. I was having some concerns with the a/c unit in my house. I called our parents hoping that our dad would be able to help. I expected him to provide me some great advice over the phone. I did not expect the guy to drive over to my home to help me service the machine. He brought a bin of tools plus he was determined to show me how to take care of the problem on our own next time. We detached the front cover of the a/c unit so as to see inside. My dad showed me where the evaporator coils are situated and how to clean the condensate line. The problem with the a/c unit was really a pressing accumulation of dirt plus dust. I forgot to change the air filter the past month plus that did not help the a/c unit. I have more than one pet plus they shed a lot. All the pet hair made it impossible for the a/c unit to task well. I was so thankful that our dad came to help. I would have called a service service plus that wasn’t necessary at all.

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