I’m tired of arguing with the employees about the temperatures in the kitchen

I bought a restaurant with a settlement that I received in an accident.

I knew that my life had to change and I thought that buying a restaurant was the perfect start on a new future.

Unfortunately, things were a lot more difficult than I thought they would be. I didn’t know a lot about owning a restaurant and the work was far more difficult than I expected. I had to work 12 and 14 hour days and after six months, the business was in debt. I stopped taking a paycheck at work and I told the staff that we needed to cut back on a lot of things at work. I told them that we would no longer keep the kitchen thermostat set at 68 degrees. Until we were out of debt, I told them to keep the thermostat at 72 degrees. A few of the employees have complained about the indoor temperatures. I listened to them complain on Friday and on Saturday someone adjusted the thermostat to 66 degrees. The temperature difference is about a hundred dollars or more every week for the electric bill. It drains me when there isn’t enough money for food. When I realized that the thermostat had been adjusted. I threatened to fire the next employee that complained about the temperatures. I’m tired of arguing with the employees about the temperature. They don’t have to pay any of the bills and they still get a paycheck every week. If they aren’t happy with the indoor temperatures, then they can absolutely find someplace else to work and earn a paycheck.

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It’s hard to run all day with no break at all

I hate working all day without a break.

  • It’s really hard to stand on my feet for 10 hours a day, and it’s even more difficult when I don’t get a break for lunch.

Last Thursday, work was extremely busy and I responded to 3 AC service requests from our commercial customers. There were another dozen requests on the board waiting for a technician to respond. When I was finished with the first repair, I told my boss that I was going to need a half an hour for lunch. He insisted that there was no time and told me to grab a snack from the gas station. I went to the next commercial customer who was having an issue with the refrigeration unit inside the building. All of the ice cream in the freezers melted and a lot of food was perishing. I understood why my boss was insistent that the repair could not wait another 30 minutes. I spent the rest of the day at the grocery store and I didn’t finish with the repair until early in the evening. I was starving by that time. I told my boss that I wasn’t going to work any longer without a break. We respond to a dozen requests every week for service on the AC unit because it runs all day and all night and never gets a break. That is one of the main reasons why a machine often fails. The same thing is going to happen to my body if I don’t have time to sit down, relax, and eat a healthy and nutritious lunch.
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She could have asked me a hundred questions about the AC

Last weekend I was working the emergency and 24 hour shift at the AC repair center.

I was sitting at the shop around 6 p.m., and I was just getting ready to close the doors and head home.

I received a telephone call from a very frantic woman who claimed to be the person in charge of a sorority house. They were having an event that evening and the AC in the sorority house wasn’t cooling. The machine was working, but no cold air was coming out of the vents. Sometimes this is an easier problem to fix than when the machine is not running at all. I agreed to service the account and we set up the payment arrangements. I was happy to find out that the person was going to pay with cash. Sometimes the college accounts and businesses like to run an account and wait to pay, but cash is always preferred. I locked up the building and headed down to the address on the account. Traffic was surprisingly steady and I didn’t hit any traffic on my way to the address. I arrived about thirty or forty minutes after I received the phone call. I knocked on the door and a young woman answered. I didn’t expect someone young, because I spoke with a different person on the phone. The young woman took me to the area in the house where the central AC is located. She asked a couple of questions and then she left the room. She could have stayed there all night and continued to ask me questions about the AC.


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The air filters work better than they are changed frequently

The air filters in an HVAC unit only work well if they are replaced frequently.

Most people agree that the air filters should be cleaned or replaced monthly.

The experts believe that at the very least, the air filters should be cleaned or swapped every over month. Waiting longer than that means risking severe damage to the heating and cooling machine. For folks that have a disposable air filter, it should be removed and replaced. 4 home owners that have a washable air filter, every month, the filter should be cleaned with a bleach water solution. When the air filter is clean, it can function properly and remove dust, debris, indoor contaminants and pollutants. All of these problems can cause allergy symptoms and asthma attacks. My family and I have to change the air filters in our HVAC machine monthly. My son has asthma and we also have a dog in the house. Although the dog is hypoallergenic, the hair from the dog still ends up in the air filter. We use a special indoor air filter that is made with HEPA technology. HEPA air filter technology is used in many hospitals, Laboratories, and doctor offices. It is also used in the dentist office. HEPA air filters remove the most air particles that are damaging to our health. They work extremely well, but they are a few dollars more than the basic air filter. My son hasn’t suffered from many attacks since we started using the new air filters and that makes me happy as a mom and a consumer of the product.


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I’m buying a new air conditioner with the tax refund

I was going to buy a brand new kayak when I got my tax refund.

This is the first year that I am getting a decent sum from the government.

Much of the reason is due to their pandemic, but I won’t complain at all. My tax refund was just enough money to cover the new kayak, seat, and a small cooler that fit in the middle. Unfortunately, the kayak is going to have to wait until the summer, because the tax refund is going to have to pay for a brand new air conditioner. The air conditioner was problematic last summer, and now there is an odd and foul odor coming from the machine. I could have the window air conditioner serviced, but it honestly doesn’t cost a lot of money to replace it. The window air conditioner was also about 10 years old and no longer energy efficient. When I realized that the air conditioner needed to be replaced, I knew that my tax refund was going to come at the perfect time. Sure enough, it arrived a couple of weeks before the beginning of the summer season. I used the money to buy a 16000 BTU HVAC machine with a dehumidifier function. The machine is much bigger than the old AC unit and also has the capability to provide heat during the winter months. Although there is not a huge need for heat during the winter, it didn’t cost a lot more money to add the function to the machine. It ended up being a nice bonus perk.

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My girlfriend’s parents went out of their way to make me feel welcome

I’m at my girlfriend’s parents for the first time at Christmas.

I didn’t know if they were going to like me or not and they went out of their way to make me feel welcome.

They were very kind and asked a lot of questions about my life, my job, and my family. We stayed with the family for Christmas and everyone woke up at the same time on Christmas morning. My girlfriend and her mom made a delicious breakfast with eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns, French toast, and fresh-squeezed juice. When it came time to open presents, I was surprised to find a present under the tree for me. There was something from my girlfriend and also another present from her parents. I didn’t expect anything from them and I was even more surprised when I opened the box and found a brand new multimeter inside. I work during the day as a heating and AC repair technician. I often use a Multimeter when I am working during the day. A multimeter tasks for electrical current on heating and AC systems. Mine was broken a few weeks previously and my girlfriend told me I should wait to buy another one. I always assumed that she was going to surprise me with a gift on Christmas morning and I did not expect the generous gift from her mom and dad. I had a really nice visit with the family, and my girlfriend and I might be ready to take our relationship to the next level. I think it is time for her to meet my mom and step dad too.

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The dog ran off with my toolbelt

A funny thing happened yesterday at work, and I rarely have fun at work.

Most of my day is usually quite boring, but I don’t mind that part of the job. I was working on a rooftop AC repair for an apartment building, and the parking lot backs up to another parking lot at the dog shelter. I was parked in a space close to the adjacent parking lot while I was working on the rooftop AC repair. I went outside to the truck for lunch and I set my tool belt on the back of the truck. I grabbed my sandwich, chips, and beverage from the cooler and walked back to the rear of the truck. A dog came out of nowhere and ran off with my tool belt. A woman in the parking lot of the dog shelter came running after the dog. She was trying to drop the dog off at the shelter and he obviously didn’t want to stay. The dog ran for an entire block with my AC repair tool belt in his mouth. Then he dropped the bag and continued running. I doubt the owner of the dog ever caught up with the quick pooch, and I’m sure he will have a much nicer life living on the street than he would have in the shelter. Watching that lady run after the dog as he galloped away in triumph was the best part of my day. I wish I could have recorded it on video. I bet it would get a million likes on instagram if I posted the funny scene.

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Luke was one of my students and now he has his own business

I was a public school math teacher until I retired a couple of years ago.

I spent 30 years of my life teaching students about geometry, calculus, and arithmetic.

I absolutely loved working as a teacher and I only retired because it became too difficult to carry a full schedule each week. I enjoy my time as a retiree. I spend a lot of time outside in the garden. I have roses, lilies, pansies, and several different citrus trees. There is a lemon, grapefruit, orange, and even a small citrus tree with key limes. I was working outside in the garden last week and came back inside that house to a very warm and uncomfortable atmosphere. I knew there was a problem with the air conditioner and I called the repair service. I keep a magnet for the air conditioner and heat pump repair service on the refrigerator so I never forget who to call when there is an emergency. I called the air conditioner repair service and scheduled an appointment. I was happy that I didn’t have to wait very long and they sent someone to the house almost immediately. The service technician that showed up to help was one of my former students named Luke. I was very surprised to see Luke and he recognized me immediately. We shared a hug and a few minutes of talk. I found out that Luke was the owner of the heating and air conditioner service company. He took over that business after his father retired and during the same year as me.


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It's better to wait than inflict more injury to the machine

I got home from work on Thursday afternoon and the furnace wasn’t working at all.

There was no air coming out of the vents, cold or hot.

I immediately called the repair service, but they were already closed for the day. They were unable to repair the service until the next morning. They did agree to make an appointment for the very first time slot in the morning. I was determined to fix the furnace on my own, but I made an appointment with the repair service. I watched a lot of videos and I read pages and pages of information about the furnace. I came across the same helpful hints nearly every time I visited a brand new website or message board. Most service professionals and many of the homeowners agreed that it is much better to wait for the professional service person then to inflict more injury on the machine. Since I didn’t really know much about the furnace or how to repair the problem, I decided it was better to wait until the morning and have the furnace repair service take care of the problem. All of my work would have been a waste, because I found out the next morning that the furnace needed to be replaced. The heat exchanger was no longer working properly and at 10 years old the recommendation of the service professional was to replace the machine with an energy-efficient and up-to-date system. I would have wasted hours of my time trying to fix something that was forever broken.
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I didn't mind helping the contractor, but I wasn't going to work for free

People who work in the service repair industry often have a lot of knowledge on a variety of subjects.

The interaction between plumbers and heating companies Is frequent and there are a number of times when AC repair companies have to work hand and hand with electricians for building contractors.

I don’t mind lending a helping hand. I was working on a residential AC repair, when a building contractor approached me in the driveway of the customer. He was working on a project in a house down the street and wanted to pick my brain for a minute. When I finished with the AC repair, I went to the address to speak with the guy for a few minutes. He had a couple of questions about geothermal heat pumps and solar energy. I spoke with the guy for 10 or 15 minutes, and then he asked me to help him out with something very quick. The guy expected me to help him install a ductless AC unit. I’m not sure he really had questions about geothermal heat pumps and solar energy at all. In fact, it seems more likely that he was trying to get me to the address so he could con me into helping with that project. I certainly didn’t mind helping the contractor, but I wasn’t going to work for free. When he mentioned the ductless AC unit, I immediately gave him a price for the fees that my services would cost. He immediately claimed he was just joking around and I got up and walked out.


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