Zoned HVAC for garage

My husband has recently (very recently) become interested in vintage vehicles and working on them.

  • After years of saying that he was nothing like his father, he is slowly turning into him.

Anyway, I’ve been a little concerned because all the various fluids that go in and out of the old cars make the garage feel very fume heavy. I hate the idea of my husband working on cars and getting a headache (or worse!). I was looking into potential solutions to this problem and the number one solution I kept running into was adding central healing and central air conditioning. Our garage has never had heating or cooling, so I wasn’t really sure what to do. I called my HVAC provider and asked about options for adding HVAC to the garage. The HVAC specialist on the phone seemed confused and asked if I wanted to zone the HVAC system instead. Zoned HVAC? I had no idea what that was. When I asked the HVAC specialist, she explained that an HVAC technician can essentially reroute the ductwork system to provide HVAC (or additional HVAC) to various rooms (or garages) in the house. I’m really glad that the HVAC specialist said something because I was ready to install a little HVAC system separate from the house to the garage! That would have been a little foolish given what I know now about zoned HVAC. I’m really glad I reached out to my HVAC provider. If anyone here has a desire to add or increase the HVAC in a particular area in your home, make sure to speak with your HVAC provider about zoned HVAC solutions.

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