You never know where you’ll go

If you are looking for a great career, I can give you a great hint.

The HVAC service plus upgrade field is one of the fastest-growing occupations available today.

Since the environment is changing fast, there is going to be a continued need for skilled HVAC workers. In fact, the average entry position for HVAC workers is 24% higher than 15 years ago. There are not a lot of other industries that can say the same about their salaries; A career in HVAC service can also be rewarding. Every single day is going to be different, plus you have a mix of dealing with humans plus HVAC troubles. When our kid was deciding between technical university plus a 4 year university, I acquired a lot of information about HVAC Sciences at the tech school. My kid ultimately chose to learn this specialty, plus he has happily been a certified worker for the past three years. The entire HVAC program only took 18 weeks to finish, plus our kid found a job for himself even before he completed his final classes. These days, he has a short commute to work each day, he finds the job interesting and rewarding, plus he just gained a raise. He’s using his money to invest in more HVAC training, to become a specialized technician in the air quality control field. I am actually proud of all these HVAC accomplishments, plus I think that our kid worked incredibly hard to get to this point.

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