Worth it to do ductwork cleaning

I wasn’t sure if getting the ductwork system professionally washed was worth the money or not, but I decided to do some looking around into the good points of the services… According to what I have seen, having debris taken out from the air ducts reduces the amount of dust that would otherwise get pushed throughout the home and setting on furniture, bedding and other surfaces! Having a fresh duct system lessens the times of vacuuming, dusting and overall cleaning needed to keep a healthy home.

  • Along with dirt, all sorts of disgusting contaminants can be concealed inside the ductwork, and pet dander, bacteria, pollen, mold, mildew and even decomposing critters can result in concerns with indoor air conditions.

The air that reaches each room in the home passes through the ductwork a few times per day, however every time the heating or cooling system functions, harmful allergens can become airborne and pollute indoor air conditions. A quick duct cleaning prevents the system from constantly introducing allergens into the breathing air. It also cuts back the aggravation of symptoms of dust sensitivity, asthma and respiratory infection. Next, any buildup within the series of pipes restricts airflow and forces the heating and ac system to run longer and work harder. Along with reduced comfort, there’s a greater risk of system death or failure. Higher energy bills and rooms that are hard to keep comfortable are also setbacks. After reading up on all the benefits, I decided to contact a local Heating and A/C dealership and set up an inspection for our duct system.


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