Working from cabin has been fun!

For the past 8 months I have been able to work from cabin plus I will not be blissful about returning to the office.

  • The company decided to relocate to a new facility that was being built downtown so they wanted to save money plus not renew the lease on the previous location! The money they saved on rent more than covered the cost of setting all of the call center employees up at cabin to work remotely.

Now, the new facility is ready to occupy plus the people I was with and I all have to go back to commuting to the office Wednesday through Thursday. No more working in my sweatpants, taking Tim Hortons Latte breaks without asking someone, plus best of all having full control over the temperature of my workspace, and i can turn on the air conditioner if I am too hot plus the heat if I am too cold. No one has the power to control the settings on my Heating plus A/C plan plus I don’t have to ask to adjust the thermostat. I remember when the people I was with and I were in the old space the boss would set the temperature to what she felt was optimum plus the people I was with and I all just had to deal with it. Were were not allowed to bring in portable heating systems to keep us warmer or fans to keep us cool. It will be nice to have others to talk to while in the day however the actual job atmosphere I am sure will be just care about before. The boss will still be in control of the Heating plus A/C plan plus the people I was with and I will not have any say in the matter.


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