Window air conditioners could be the best choice.

My partner and I purchased a perfectly lovely little cottage down by the lake.

The only decision we had to make with the cottage, was what to do with the air conditioning. We already had a small oil furnace in the cottage but there wasn’t any air conditioning in the cottage. I’m assuming the previous owners had no need for AC, or there would be some kind of cooling system in the house. My partner and I weighed all of the options we had for installing air conditioning. We didn’t want to have to install ductwork and take up any space, by installing a traditional air conditioning unit. We had heard about ductless mini split HVAC systems. We found out that the cost was outrageous and it would need to take up space on the walls. Neither of liked that idea. We went online and we were able to find a couple of websites that gave us all kinds of information on air conditioning. This made it much easier to make a decision on our HvAC. We finally decided that what we needed was to get a good window air conditioning unit. With a large window air conditioner, we would be able to cool off the entire cottage with just one unit. We spent less than $500 for a good sized and energy efficient air conditioning unit. We knew that it would have cost nearly three times that much if we were to get a traditional AC unit. There is only one minor drawback that we can find with using an AC unit, and that is that it took up the sunshine we could have gotten from the window.


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