Why everyone should consider regular maintenance for their units

My mom insisted that I call her HVAC expert to check my system since winter was coming.

  • Like all other times, I ignored her because I knew that my system was in top shape.

However, a few weeks into winter, strange noises came from the unit. At first, I thought this was the occasional expected sound. After all, my system was not exactly new. However, as days went by, the noise became louder, and the house seemed to get colder gradually. It was easy to notice the changes because the climate was also slowly changing and becoming colder. I knew it was time to act when I had to wear two sweaters and cover myself with three blankets to get through the night. I couldn’t wait for the next day to call my HVAC expert. I remember talking uncontrollably, explaining how afraid I was since winter was around the corner. The heating expert calmly reassured me that everything would be fine once he got to the house. After booking an appointment, the HVAC technician was at my doorstep. One look at my unit, and he quickly informed me that lack of maintenance was the primary issue. I had ignored the HVAC unit for years. Minor issues had gradually developed into major complex problems that eventually cost so much money in repairs. I had to replace a few parts and pay the technician a lot more than I would have if I had followed my mom’s advice. It turns out that my heater installation was done so well, which is how it could withstand years without proper maintenance.
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