What happened to delivery?

I remember when I was in college; I had to take any job available to me.

I wasn’t lucky enough to have a full scholarship that paid for every college expense.

I liked to party with my friends, and I liked to eat. I had to have a job. My favorite job was when I was a pizza delivery guy. The pizza shop I worked for had a car for me to use, and it worked really well. My favorite part of that car was the HVAC system. It didn’t matter what the weather was like, that HVAC system kept me comfortable. I was used to a switch that flipped from heating to air conditioning. In this car, I had climate control. All I did was set the thermostat to my desired temperature, and I got heating or air conditioning, depending on the outside temperature. Once I graduated from college, I never thought I would have to deliver pizza again. With the onset of the Coronavirus, I was finding myself without a job again. It seemed the only jobs that were open were those that had delivery service. People were still making purchases online, and they still needed to eat. Unfortunately, the pizza deliveries I was making were being made in my own car. I had a fairly nice car, and it had excellent heating and air conditioning. I was also putting a lot of hard miles on that car. I would be nice to have a ‘company’ car to drive instead of using my vehicle. At least I have excellent HVAC to keep me comfortable.


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