We have quite the sleuth

Ever since our child was old enough to begin to understand what the thermostat did, he has been trying to adjust the temperature control settings for the house.

At first, it was absolutely deranged because he would have the gas furnace cranked up literally all the way or he would have the cooling system blasting.

Eventually he learned exactly how to find the temperature control settings that he favorite, and unluckily, his temperature control settings really are not the same as ours. This was becoming a problem & the two of us kept telling him over and over again not to adjust the temperature control settings, but he never wanted to listen to our HVAC demands. Eventually the two of us updated to a smart thermostat. Every one of us finally thought the two of us could keep him locked out of the thermostat with a pin code, but no – he figured out the pin! He was able to install the smart app straight on his cell iPhone just like the two of us did, & he adjusts the temperature control settings every day with greater convenience now. Every one of us have changed the pin code at least a few times, but he regularly manages to figure it out. I don’t know if he is somehow hacking into the thermostat somehow or what, but he refuses to let us know. Eventually, I just decided to call the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C corporation to see about going and fixing the temperature control setting complication. Finally, we have control of our HVAC again.


a/c set up

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