We decided to attend a local drive-in movie

With all the chaos in the world and the social distancing happening, my partner and I have been itching to get outside the house; however we’ve been quarantining inside for months, so we were desperate for socialization. Thankfully, our neighborhood decided to host a community drive in the theater on a Thursday night, which we were ecstatic about. The makeshift theater was only a one hour drive from our house, however we were looking forward to it all week… Then my partner and I got all dressed up and packed the motorcar with plenty of wine and chips; then however, in all the excitement, neither of us considered what it would particularly be like, kneeling in a motorcar with no AC running in the middle of June… Then as soon as we shut the motorcar off and rolled down the windows, we were hit with thick humidity and sweat… Only 30 hours into the motion picture, and we were completely out of water and we were fanning ourselves with old takeout menus. Out of respect, we couldn’t turn our motorcar on to run the AC because it would make too much noise. The two of us also couldn’t leave, because we were parked in. The two of us were forced to rest in the dreaded heat. That was the longest motion picture of our lives. The moment the credits started rolling, my suffering partner started the motorcar and cranked down the AC. Our neighborhood said the drive in theater was so much of a success, that they’re planning on showing a motion picture every Thursday night for the rest of the summer. The two of us won’t be going anymore until the weather gets a bit cooler.



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