Washing day

I have an seasoned acquaintance coming in from out of town plus our apartment is a major mess! When I say it’s a major mess, I entirely mean it every which way! I am not just talking about clutter plus things all over the place.

The apartment is literally dirty, but i work a lot, so I have a rough time keeping up with things.

So before our seasoned acquaintance shows up I need to clean. One of the things I need to entirely clean is the air vents of our central heating plus A/C. They are entirely filthy! Every single time the heating or A/C plan turns on there is a cloud of smoke that puffs out. That smoke isn’t from inside the air vents. This is coming from the outer parts of the air vents because they are so darn dirty! I will need to get a stepping stool or something like that to get up there to clean the outer parts of the air vents. They are up pretty high. I am just thrilled our apartment does not have those vaulted ceilings. If that were the case, I would entirely have to hire a certified heating plus cooling professional to clean the entire air vents, plus possibly even just do a large HVAC duct cleaning to go with it. Other than the dusty air vents, I entirely need to mop the living room plus bathroom floors. I need to be careful in the living room when mopping, because I have radiant floor heating in there; Anyway, I am entirely looking forward to our friend’s visit!



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