Vanessa has her first day on the job

Vanessa kicked butt on the Heating and Air Conditioning certification test that she quickly needed in order to become certified by the state, and she expected to rapidly walk out and into a top paying job at her dad’s shop, Alex’s Heating and Air Conditioning. Alex had news for her though. Vanessa was going to have to start as an intern. It would be a paid internship, but still a regular old internship nonetheless. Vanessa didn’t suppose it was fair, but he showed her that every last employee he had began as an intern. It was fair. What would not be even-handed would be for Vanessa to walk right into Heating and Air Conditioning specialist status right out of school. His other cooling system crew would be ticked off about that, and Alex didn’t want a mutiny on his hands. So, Vanessa became her dad’s intern, and essentially her job was to go out with other HVAC techs on as numerous Heating and Air Conditioning calls as possible and watch and learn from the already experienced cooling system specialists her dad employed . She thought she was going to not like it very much, despite the fact that she really enjoyed her time working as an cooling system specialist intern; she got to experience a lot without having the continual pressure of being responsible for everything that happened on the call. The local customers got to greet her, and when they quickly learned she was Alex’s daughter, they thought it was great that she would be now working in modern Heating and Air Conditioning right alongside her father. Just about every time, however, 1 of the cooling system techs would try to trick her. Vanessa was able to figure it out most of the time and got a kick out of it each time when they tried to trip her up.


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