Trying to find something to say for their social media

I am employed by an online marketing contractor plus due to this, our job is not at risk.

  • I do my job duties from my laptop at home.

My workload is a little lighter plus our paycheck is a couple hundred dollars lower than before. Other than that, all contractors are the same. I do but need to be more inventive with the social media posting. Before the virus hit I would post for HVAC dealerships online and talk about whatever. With the virus, I need to be more careful. I have been trying to target discussion of indoor air quality services. I talk about UV air purifiers, UV lights plus updated air filters quite a bit. The downside of it all is that not every contractor offers indoor air quality products. Posting for them is harder. This has taken myself and others longer trying to find the right hook. I regularly showcase the contractor COVID-19 policy. A lot of HVAC dealerships are taking proactive measures to ensure safety. The vast majority of companies are sanitizing their vehicles plus equipment. A lot of HVAC contractors are wearing masks and using hand sanitizers. There are a few companies offering virtual consultations as well. That is always a blast to post on social media. Again though, there is always that one contractor that isn’t doing much proactively. It is difficult finding the right thing to say in this weird virus situation. I try to talk about their emergency services, the need for HVAC duct cleaning or simply the fact that they are not closed down, which is not exactly as fun as the other topics, but I do what I can.

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