Today, I got into a fight with my HVAC technician

Today, I got into a fight with another HVAC technician, and I can honestly admit that I am pretty ashamed of myself.

I cannot believe that I let my anger get the best of me like that.

However, the HVAC technician and I have never gotten along, and the HVAC technician seemed to be asking for it today. The HVAC technician and I have literally never gotten along. I have no idea what I did to make this HVAC technician hate me, but I tried to befriend the HVAC technician. After so many years of working together at the same HVAC company, I thought that the HVAC technician would at least learn to be civil. However, the HVAC technician apparently never thought about trying that. Instead, the HVAC technician has literally been hostile ever since I have met him. Whenever the HVAC technician and I are working together, he is always making underhanded comments about me to make me look bad in front of the other HVAC technicians. I can only imagine the terrible things that the HVAC technician says about me when we are not working together. However, today was a terrible day. I just found out that my wife has cancer, and I was having a rough time. The HVAC technician chose a poor day to make fun of my wife, and I punched the HVAC technician in the face. I tried to be civil with the HVAC technician, but I snapped at the moment. The HVAC technician made that comment, and I couldn’t hold back. Now, I have to explain to the owner of the HVAC company why I beat up the HVAC technician. I hope that he understands enough to not fire me.

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