There is an actual science for why women feel so cold all the time

Many people have bizarre opinions about what the ‘proper’ temperature in the place of work should be… It seems to be a hotly debated topic plus it usually will go a lot like this.

  • Oftentimes women find the place of work to be too cold.

Where as guys on the other hand are completely thrilled with the temperature. So what is going on? Are all guys deliberately making women at the work environment freeze to death? Of course not, to say they were doing so would be entirely ridiculous. When Heating plus Air Conditioning machines are installed, they don’t cater the hot plus cold temperatures towards only guys or only women. Of course it is for everybody to use the heating plus cooling technology, in this way everybody can be totally comfortable during the coldest Winter seasons plus the hottest warm seasons! Then why is that women get a great deal colder than men? Well the reason can be explained scientifically. As it turns out women have a slightly higher core body temperature than men. This difference is totally small, only being about a single degree off, however makes a pretty sizable difference. Because women’s bodies are used to being slightly higher in temperature, when the skin is exposed to cooler air, they get colder quite a bit quicker plus easier than their male counterparts. Because guys by nature have a lower core body temperature than women, when they are exposed to cooler air it has no major effect on them. So as you can now see, it has nothing to do with the cooling machine itself… Going forward, if you ever happen to be in the place of business plus recognize that you are colder than everyone else, now you can see the science behind why.

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