The old candy store

Way back when I was a teenager we had this candy store in the town I lived in.

It was a place where all of us kids went with our spare money we would make from mowing lawns or raking leaves.

They had candy in bulk in barrels. It was really pretty unique. I had never seen anything like it ever again. The air quality in this candy store was to die for! Not only was it really clean air due to them running an air purifier, but it also preserved the smell of all the fresh candy in the place! It’s hard to explain and you really had to be there to get what I am talking about. In the summers it was actually the coolest place to be! Both figuratively speaking and literally! The central air conditioning system they had in that place was really great! It was better than any other central air conditioning system of the time if you ask me. More than likely it was some kind of commercial air conditioning system of the era. I was too young to know or really remember the actual heating and air conditioning unit. I just know it made the place feel really cool and nice after walking in there from the blazing hot sun! Then like I mentioned, that air purifier they had in there also just took the air quality over the top! I miss that candy store. It has been long gone for years. I really wish my own kids could have had a chance to experience it like we did back in the day.

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