The oil furnace has a heat exchanger that needs reparations

The weather outside is actually cold plus frosty right now in my area.

The wind chill is undoubtedly making things worse for everyone, because the winds are near 30 mph each day.

The two of us are so close to the lake plus that does not help with our ridiculously breezy climate and cold temperatures. Now is the worst time to have trouble with the oil furnace, so of course it’s happening. The outdoor temperatures have been in the 20s all week, plus our family plus I woke up to a cabin without heat this particular day. The two of us had trouble with the oil furnace sometime the prior year too, plus the two of us ended up spending hundreds of hard-earned dollars on a major service bill. I wasn’t surprised whenever the oil furnace service corporation offered us terrible news this visit, as well. They informed our family plus I that the heat exchanger is desperately cracked plus needs to be repaired or replaced; Unluckily, the two of us have put so much money already into this outdated oil furnace that a service seems like a terrible idea to purchase. It’s actually close to Christmas plus the thought of spending many thousands of dollars on a new oil furnace does not sound like a great plan for me, either. Still, the two of us had to make a decision for our family. The two of us finally moved ahead to replace the oil furnace all together with a new unit. The new oil furnace will help us save a lot of energy over the next numerous years. That should mean much lower electric bills, so at least that is one silver lining in all this mess.

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