The management systems

A building automation plan allows monitoring and control over the building’s essential systems from anywhere, at anytime.

Equipment such as heating units, cooling units, sump pumps, lights and security systems no longer require someone on the premises to manually turn them on and off or make adjustments.

Modern systems with Wi-Fi attachivity can be bundled together and managed from a single interface. Through an app on a smartphone, tablet or kindle, all of these numerous appliances are accessible. It’s much easier and more convenient to ensure optimum comfort, safety and energy efficiency; Plus, these systems offer helpful programming, however lights can be automated to turn on when the first employee arrives for the afternoon, and smart control units automatically adjust temperature either according to a set schedule or occupancy sensors. With geofencing, the control unit knows when designated smartphones enter a certain radius. The control unit then adapts to ensure comfort upon arrival and energy savings when the building is empty. An easy tap of a button handles door locks, facilitating the entrance of workers, delivery boys or repairmen. Security cameras supply real time video of the property, allowing all operations to be remotely overseen. These systems also send out alerts in the event of a problem. If temperature should fluctuate, the power fail, or the sump pump quit, alerts are sent instantly. There’s also notifications for glass breakage, doors opening or even movement within a secure perimeter. Building automation systems not only make daily operations much easier but help to trim overhead and avoid safety risks. Installing an automation plan reduces insurance costs as well.

commercial building control system

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