The hotel machine was loud and severely noisy

It was difficult to sleep and I had lots of company meetings in the afternoon.

Sometimes I have to travel for work. Most of the time I travel for a couple of nights each week, however lately I’ve been severely busy; Last week, I had to spend 17 nights in a hotel.During one of those nights, I encountered an AC machine that was severely loud and noisy. I rarely complain about anything in a hotel, however the AC machine was so loud that I called the front desk. It’s the middle of summer, so I couldn’t turn the machine off. I told the front desk clerk about the AC machine and I advocated another room. I was ecstatic the clerk did not provide myself and others a difficult time about moving to a odd room, but during another stay in an honestly odd hotel, I had similar concerns with noise. This time the noise wasn’t coming from the AC machine. It was the young couple next door. They had people in and out of the room all day and all evening. They were playing loud tunes and banging on the wall for hours and hours. It was difficult to sleep and I had lots of company meetings in the afternoon. I was only in that particular hotel for one evening, so I did not request another room. Instead, I turned on the cable and tried to drown out the sound of the people next door. I did not sleep very well that evening and I honestly will not return to that hotel in the future. They were rated with several stars, however it seemed more love a gathering hotel than a company and conference center.

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