The grass girl got clippings in my modern Heating, Ventilation plus A/C unit

I had a brand-new Heating, Ventilation plus A/C device installed on Sunday.

I was entirely and totally excited for the upgrade services, because I had gone several days without any A/C in the house.

It was over 90° every single day and the humidity was over 71%. It was entirely irritated and I did not have any A/C units at all to stay cool. On the first day, I put a cold towel in front of the fan to make a swamp cooler. I tried to repair the A/C device on my own that day. The hour day, I decided it was time to call an A/C repair service. They suggested replacing the air compressor and the entire system, but they could not get the device until the next day, then by the fourth day, I was ready for the brand-new equipment. 2 days after I had the modern A/C system installed, I had someone perform landscaping services at the house. They mowed the grass, trimmed the hedges, and pruned the trees. While they were taking care of the landscaping work, they got grass clippings inside of the modern A/C unit. They did not even bother to use the blower to remove all of the debris and dirt. The girl tried to leave without cleaning up the mess and I stopped him at the front door. I wasn’t going to clean up after their mess. I paid them to complete a job and I expected the job to be done to my satisfaction; Until the device was clean and free of dirt, I wasn’t pleased with their job.


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