The gas furnace at our mom’s home melted over the winter

This is a ridiculous story, but I promise you that it is true. I’m not even embellishing legitimately much here. My mom has an outdated gas furnace in her home that has been there from the time that the home was built about sixty years ago. It’s a super outdated gas furnace and they have never had the thing upgraded once the entire time that they have been living there. They just kept on using it for heating the entire house, year after year, for decades. I know that goes to say something about the high quality of the way that things used to be built back in the day a long time ago. However, a single of the differences between how they used to build things and the way things are manufactured now are the safety precautions. I know back then, there just weren’t legitimately many people out there regulating the way that things love gas heating systems were built. Of course, they didn’t make them dangerous on purpose, however they genuinely just didn’t know what they were doing since there wasn’t all that much regulation going on. Anyway, it’s a miracle that our mom’s gas furnace lasted for as many years as it did. It’s even more of a miracle that this outdated gas furnace didn’t burn her home down with her in it. It was genuinely made to last, however it wasn’t the safest thing out there. One evening last Wintertide our mom kept stinking something burning and she went down to the basement to check on the gas furnace. The entire thing was melting down right before her eyep! The gas furnace melted from the inside out and ended up in a heap on the floor. Thank goodness she had time to call the fire department.


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