The cookies are just something you bake.

My mom isn’t the best person to be on the internet. I love her to death, but she isn’t all that great when it comes to the internet. She doesn’t understand the vernacular. Nor does she understand how to do proper searches. She was looking for an HvAC technician and she quit searching when she didn’t see our local HVAC company on the list. I told her they either didn’t have a website, or they don’t do SEO. I told her that SEO is the keyword that leads a prospect like her to searching, to the website. She looked like I had three heads. She had no idea what I was talking about. She told me that all she wanted was the telephone number. Then she started to tell me how she can’t get rid of the search. Even if she is just playing games, there is information coming about HVAC companies. She said she has seen so many advertisements, that she could be an HVAC tech herself if she didn’t quit reading them. I tried to explain that the ads were coming up because when she searched for HVAC companies, they put cookies on her computer. This was how they were finding her to put up the advertisements. She shook her head and handed me the phone. She said cookies were to be baked and not to be on the computer or phone. She took the phone back and told me to get rid of the internet, so she would just have a phone again. I put the number of the HVAC company into her phone and told her to look for it under her contacts. She called me a good boy as she patted my cheek.


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