The big garbage pile up

Our city recently had a strike.

This included the garbage collectors.

They all wanted more money and felt they were underpaid. This strike lasted about 3 weeks to a month. It was really horrible! Because of the lack of garbage collecting during this time the air quality in my town went to hell in a handbasket! The entire town was smelling of nasty garbage. Though I have to tell you that the local heating and air conditioning company was not complaining at all! Sales went through the roof during this time on whole home air purification systems. The entire town was taking out bank loans just to get a whole home air purification system installed into their homes. We had no idea how long the garbage strike was going to last. Could have been forever! So no one wanted to take any chances. As for me, I already had a whole home air purification system as part of my central heating and air conditioning system. So I was all set! These garbage collectors of the city going on strike didn’t cause me to have to go out and spend thousands of dollars because of their greed. From what I understand, garbage collectors if employed by the city make even better money than a lot of us with office jobs. So yea, it’s pure greed! And it could have made many people sick. I’m glad for the invention of the whole home air purification system to help everything during this rough time and awful air quality we were all stuck with!

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