The best thermostat you can buy

If my temperature control didn’t give myself and others reminders, I doubt that I would ever remember to change our air filters! My temperature control is not the type of thing that I think about on a proper basis, unless there’s a complication with it.

Right away I notice it if there’s an issue with the heating & cooling in the house.

But other than that, our temperature control is more like a single of those “set it & forget” types of things. At this point in our life, I’m really tied up with work & the gym and three kids & a hubby & church; There are literally things happening all the time, & if I don’t watch it, I could get burned out on things pretty easily! That’s why I don’t need extra stuff to worry about, like the last time I changed our furnace filter or our air conditioning filter, but I knew this about myself when the two of us purchased our digital programmable smart temperature control last year, & now I’m so happy that I ended up doing so. I thought about the fact that I’m always forgetting things like taking out the trash & turning the stove off & increasing the air filters in our HVAC system, then well, when I saw that one of the features of that particular temperature control was a digital reminder on the main screen & a text to your smartphone from the heating & cooling app, I knew that it was the right temperature control for our family. Anything that can help me remember what I’m doing on a day to day basis is always welcome in our house. When it comes to having a good smart temperature control unit, I can’t stress the importance of it. I think our temperature control truly helps with our heating & cooling bills, along with our indoor air conditions.

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