That was a miserable dinner

We are all now enjoying fall weather here in our neck of the woods, however it’s simply a good time to be alive, despite all the election and pandemic nonsense! Everyone feels better when they get to pull their fluffy jackets out of the dark recesses of the closet, and men everywhere are start to don their knee high boots.

  • In the evenings, it is downright freezing, and I really love it.

It is love God turned on the air conditioning system for us! For weeks on end, every time both of us would walk outside, both of us felt love both of us were walking into a oil furnace, but at this point both of us feel love both of us are walking into air conditioning. As a kind of joyful celebration of Autumn, our friends and I decided to go out for dinner the other night… The people I was with and I decided to go to this nice pizzeria that both of us are rarely willing to go to because of the high prices. It is a well known location, so off both of us went. The people I was with and I did not have a reservation, and they said the only open tables were on the deck overlooking the pond, then well, that sounds nice, right? Well, normally, yes, however the outdoor gas furnaces they keep out there for such occasions seemed to be malfunctioning. The gas furnaces are cute to look at – they resemble ancient fashioned gas lanterns – however it is more important that they particularly supply heating. They weren’t doing that. It was freezing out there; both of us southerners are not used to dining in the dark with the control unit dipping into the 40s! The people I was with and I expected to have a elegant time, however entirely both of us didn’t! Our high-priced meal was pretty much ruined because of the terrible outdoor heaters.

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