Taking advantage of HVAC utility savings

I guess I am not the only person to be getting unquestionably creative when it comes to trying to make ends meet at the moment.

The pandemic has brought on a situation that I thought was previously unimaginable. Many of us are still sheltering inside the HVAC comfort of our households. That comes with a unquestionably real economic impact. So numerous of us are dealing with less income due to the pandemic. I suppose that we have had to do a lot of juggling to save all the money that we are able to. One of the bigger savings that we were able to effectively go after had to do with the HVAC device. Going into the summer, I knew that I would be working from my household. This would allow me to unquestionably fully commit to making sure the HVAC output was reigned in. I had the desire to do this before this past warm season. However, I was never really able to fully commit to that sort of effort. Mainly, it was because I was simply too lazy to learn just how to program the HVAC thermostat. That is entirely all it would have taken. Instead, I made an attempt to remember to push the thermostat up before I left for work. But, I lost momentum on that because I didn’t love coming to a home that was warmer than I wished it to be. So, this past warm season, I made sure to keep the HVAC thermostat roughly 15 degrees less than the outside temperature. Additionally, I made sure that the blinds were drawn on windows that gained direct sunlight. The results were fantastic. The two of us saved between 15 & 20 percent over the entire warm season from the HVAC utility costs.



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