Taking a trip back home for the holidays

I was visiting my mother this past Holiday season and when we got in from the airport I had said, “Wow mom, it’s colder than usual in here!” – her house is usually fairly all over the place with temperatures due to it being an old house and not having anything but ceiling fans and oil heating – she said, “Yeah, I think my oil tank is on the fritz, I have to keep manually tripping the on switch for it to produce heat! I need to have an HVAC professional come take a look if I can’t fix it myself.” Several severely cold days passed and finally my mother went down to the basement and had seen how dirty it was around the oil tank and she thought maybe the airway was clogged and this was preventing the oil tank system from working properly – no such luck! She gave it a few good two or three days before giving in to call an HVAC professional to take a look at the oil tank, since it had not been serviced in over four years and was original when she had purchased the house almost ten years ago! So, the lesson learned here was; try a little trick or two before having to call the HVAC professional if you know what you’re doing – my mom is pretty handy so she thought she would have no problem getting the oil tank going again! Also, know when to give in and when you’re in too deep into something that is far too unfamiliar territory!

Air conditioner tune-up

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