Starting our daughters out in HVAC

This country lost a lot when the people I was with and I stopped having apprenticeships for our young people. For generations fantastic skills were taught from one man to the next, passed down, and kept alive through practice; That was when the country made things, but now it seems the people I was with and I pay other countries to make things for us, and a lot of those amazing skills that our forebears had, from hand crafting furniture to blowing glass, are being lost to the sands of time, which is just concerned to me, and i wanted to do what I could to change this, so I encouraged all many of our daughters to apprentice with me at the HVAC shop, then my oldest wanted to go to university, which I fully supported of course, but the other 2 decided to try their hands at the heating and cooling business. I had built this company with our own 2 hands, and it would be amazing to train our youngsters to be HVAC techs like their mother was so they could take over the company one afternoon! Being an apprentice involves a lot of hard labor, but it helps you to learn everything about HVAC systems from inside and out. I see more and more immigrants getting into the HVAC industry, and I suppose it is because they have a stronger toil ethic than other people. Americans might be losing this toil ethic, but so far our youngsters have definitely taken to HVAC toil and seem to be studying a lot. It will take a few years, even though I am sure they will both follow in their mother’s HVAC footsteps.
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