Smart thermostat means I can travel more

I like to travel for vacation and my parents live up north. Since I work online there is no reason I shouldn’t be able to leave at a moment’s notice. For a long time there were stuipd things holding me back. I have finally gotten everything on a schedule so I don’t have to stay at home. I have a woman who waters my plants while I leave on any trip. I also have a cat sitter who babysits my kitty and feeds him during the day. The best feature was getting a smart thermostat though. For a long time I didn’t want to leave the house in case there was a HVAC disaster. Imagine if I left in the summer and the cooling system stopped working. The days get to be in the 90s. Having no AC would allow the home to get hot, stuffy and wet. Mold and mildew love those conditions. I could return home to an AC repair, moldy floors, mildew on the wall and tons of work waiting for me. Buying a smart thermostat took all the stress away. The smart thermostat was cheap, easy to install and now I run it through an app. I can monitor my temperature control program from anywhere with wifi. My thermostat also scans the home and when there is no one there, turns off. I can even get alerts on air filter changes, humidity issues, energy saving settings and low coolant. The thermostat is that amazing and handy! I don’t know how I lasted so long with a dial thermostat.

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