Shouldn’t I be losing weight in the winter?

It seems that every girl I know is always on a diet during the summer. My sister is no different, but she drives me crazy with it. She is at the gym or running whenever I talk to her. She said that she couldn’t possibly go on vacation with me if she couldn’t fit into a bikini. I thought this was really silly, but I left her go. She told me she was really jealous that I didn’t have to work to get the weight off. She forgot that I have a gym at home, and I don’t let myself get out of shape during the winter. It is silly to wait till summer arrives to try to get the body that you want for summer. I have a ductless HvAC system installed in my garage. I set up a treadmill so I can run ten miles a day regardless of the weather. This is a daily routine for me. I have my yoga routine that I do at night, and then I do some light weightlifting. I couldn’t do this without my ductless HVAC to keep me comfortable. I can’t imagine running in the heat and humidity, like my sister runs. It seems really absurd to me. I told her she was welcome to use my home gym whenever she wants, but she insists on taking winter slowly and then working out in the summer. Give me my air conditioning and comfort and I am good. Make me work out when it is 100 degrees outside, and I’ll become a flabby woman who could care less about bathing suit season.
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