Shipping container grow room

When I decided to get into marijuana growing I had a hard time finding a place to grow my plants.

I saw online that I could get a grow box or grow tent.

Some people even use their basement or garage in a pinch. To grow weed effectively you need LED lights, a hydroponic system, HVAC equipment and ventilation. None of my spaces were large enough and right for the job. I then found a shipping container company that does all the building on site. They create a mobile container and then ship it totally ready to use at your home. What is nice is that the shipping container shop allowed me to design every feature inside. I was able to put LED lights right on the ceiling throughout the whole container. I got a hydroponic and nutrient system mounted on the sides of the container. I paid extra to have HVAC, a smart thermostat, fans and proper ventilation in the space. Another feature I decided was worth the money was to make my prefab shipping container safe. I paid to have lockable doors and windows with latches. I also had a keypad put on the door so only I with the code could get in. Now that I have my finished product, I just love it. From the outside it might not look like much. It is a shipping container so it looks like a grey, metal box. Inside my container grow room has all the right equipment, is very clean and modern looking. Everything is impressed when I show them the inside.


Prefab Farm

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