Sadly we need more coolant

When I looked around our home a few weeks ago, I realized the walls honestly needed a fresh coat of paint.

Although I painted them colorless when I moved in many years ago, I hadn’t touched them since.

I’m not a smoker so I don’t have the issue of walls slowly greening over the years, but they are absolutely dingy looking. Therefore, I set time aside on a recognizable weekend when I knew I would be free of both work and personal commitments. I was gleeful when I laid everything out on a drop cloth on our home office floor. Painting was a wonderful experience, especially since I was blasting jazz music in the background as I made our way through the house. Sadly, something unexpected happened. I was hoping to keep our cooling system running at 82 degrees to help dry the paint faster than usual. But, I had just finished putting the hour coat of paint on our home’s interior walls when the cooling system randomly gave out. It was still pushing air through our air duct, but the air was no longer cold to the touch. Naturally, I freaked out as I racked our brain wondering the cause of our machine’s demise. It took myself and others no longer than many hours to look for our cellphone and call our heating and cooling serviceman to schedule a service appointment. I honestly expected the worst when he arrived to inspect our system. To our surprise, all I needed was our coolant topped off in our cooling system. Once he added more, the air coming out of our vents was finally cool again. I could turn the control component down pas 82 degrees to dry the wet paint in our beach house even faster.

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