Replacing portable a/cs with central cooling

Living in the northeastern area of the country, the heating plan is honestly a priority. The people I was with and I deal with anywhere between more than five to 8 months of entirely cold weather. The furnace carries a entirely demanding workload and the two of us spend a luck on our heating bills. Having central air conditioning system isn’t actually necessary; For a long time, the two of us handled our summer time comfort with box fans, open windows and portable a/cs… During the fall and winter, the window a/cs were stored in the attic, then every Spring, I’d carry these units down the narrow and steep attic stairs and install them into the windows… At the end of the summer, I’d need to carry the component back up those same stairs and I officially ended up with a sore back. I wasn’t glad with how the cooling units looked from the outside or with sacrificing the view from the windows. The window a/cs gave quite a bit of cool air but only particular rooms were comfortable, but plus, having open windows allowed lots of dust, pollen and bugs into the house. About two years ago, the two of us needed to replace our forced air gas furnace. The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C contractor who handled the job told us that if the two of us were interested in central air conditioning system, it should be installed at the same time. The heating and cooling unit share components and the only way to make sure both achieve peak efficiency is if all the components are brand new. Since the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C corporation was offering a deal and the two of us were able to get the a/c at a sufficient price, the two of us went ahead with it. The improvement in our summer time comfort has been really amazing. I no longer need to deal with those window units. I can simply make an adjustment on the control unit and the whole beach house is perfectly cool and comfortable.


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