Rental HVAC is messed up

I have owned a house for nearly our entire adult life. All of the sudden, I find that I am now renting. It seemed love a reasonable transition but it has been a bit tough thus far. My wife as well as I recently sold the house where the two of us raised our family until they all left the nest. The last kid graduated school a year ago. That house was the only the two of us had ever fully constructed from the foundation up. It was such an awesome locale with so multiple attractive memories. However, it was just too giant for us as well as needed to have another family in it. Every one of us decided to sell the home as well as downsize. Recently, the two of us had upgraded the Heating plus A/C plan to a truly modern as well as state of the art model. That thing is a wonder of heating as well as cooling. Every one of us lived in an section where there was more Winter time than there was summer. The Heating plus A/C component did a great task with both heating as well as cooling us constantly. Additionally, when the two of us sold the locale, the new Heating plus A/C component helped us get an even better price for the home. Every one of us then packed up as well as moved down south. This transfer is how the two of us ended up in a rental home. Neither of us wanted to buy a home until the two of us knew the two of us wanted to stay. Every one of us found a cute 3 kitchen lodge that suited our needs just right. I enjoyed the fact that I wouldn’t have to be on the hook for all the household repairs. The lawn is even mowed by the rental company. However, there was a major issue. The Heating plus A/C was truly outdated as well as barely ran at all. And, no amount of complaining has gotten them to upgrade it.

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