Quick thinking on a new chiller

I work for a pharmaceutical company and our chiller system is very crucial.

I didn’t realize this until the chiller just up and quit one day.

I was at work and noticed for the first time ever it was actually sort of warm. All the drugs would have been rendered useless if the chiller was not operational for an entire day. The team was frantic trying to figure out who could repair the chiller system. Once we got a technician into our workspace it was deduced the chiller was done for. What do we do? Who do we call? The last thing I wanted to do was call the business owner on his day off over a chiller issue. I thought on my feet and did a bit of googling. I found a chiller rental business that wasn’t even an hour away from our company. The low temperature chiller was delivered immediately and hooked up. From the time our chiller died and the new one got hooked up, it wasn’t even four hours. Everything was saved and work continued as normal. My boss called me later in the week thanking me for what I did. He liked the chiller system I picked out. We had used an air cooled chiller system and I got us a water cooled chiller. I didn’t realize I chose something different but my boss likes it better. He also says paying a rental fee to not worry about repairs is worth it as well. I am hoping I am going to get a raise out of my quick thinking.

temporary chiller rental

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