Putting radiant heated floors into family house

When my father unexpectedly passed away at the end of last year I think that our entire family was thrown into chaos.

In particular, my brothers and I found ourselves swamped with unknown legal challenges and many practical concerns that required us to make arrangements.

The only bright spot at the end of the tunnel was the fact that we would be inheriting the family lake house several states away. Honestly, we were excited about obtaining the property… But nervous about having to upgrade the house. We realized that the old heating, cooling, and air quality control system no longer functioned as a reliable source of air temperature or air quality control. In fact, trying to use the thermostat itself was a losing battle, because the temperature control device itself was broken. We could not accurately control the indoor air temperature or air quality and therefore the house was unlivable. We had to upgrade the entire air temperature control plan, all the way down to the furnace, air conditioning unit, air duct work, and thermostat if anybody wanted to reside in the household. We started consulting with a professional heating, cooling, and ventilation technician to determine the least invasive way to upgrade our heating and cooling system. However, we also started considering less traditional heating and cooling options as long as we were making these major investments. One of the things that I pushed for was radiant heated flooring. Instead of paying for an efficient forced air furnaces that unequally heated the indoor air, radiant heated flooring seemed preferable. Now, we are a few weeks away from completing our HVAC renovation project and finally having something to look forward to in all of this mess.



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