Please, take care of your massive pets

I actually love cats and most other common pets.

I mean, my bestie and I have a German shepherd and a tabby cat, but of course they are both lovable and calm and they follow direction easily.

And, unfortunately, not all pet owners have the upper hand; I went to work as usual on an Heating and Air Conditioning repair this month and I almost immediately left because of the owner’s pet, but he had a big fluffy monster that would not listen to any command. The dog kept howling and barking at me from the moment I arrived. I didn’t think the dog would bite me, but I was actually intimidated anyhow. I abruptly asked the owner to take the dog to a bizarre room, but for some reason the owner decided to put the dog in the backyard instead. I tried to do my best to concentrate on the Heating and Air Conditioning repair, but I could still easily hear the dog barking loudly just 10 ft away from where I was carefully working. Halfway through the Heating and Air Conditioning repair that day, the dog started trying to get through the garage door. The dog was loudly growling and snarling and trying to tear down the door. I told the owner at that point that enough was enough, and I was not going to finish the Heating and Air Conditioning repair that day unless they had the dog under control. The owner finally agreed to finally put the dog inside the home in a room far away from where the huge Heating and Air Conditioning component was situated. From now on, the owner will be required to keep the dog inside of the home at all times.


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